Shopify Store

Shopify Online Store!

Shopify’s feature-rich platform makes it easy for you to run your business, with updates added all the time. Every business, however has its own unique requirements.

Is there a feature you need that you don’t see on Shopify?
Let We Fix IT build one for you! As a Shopify Partner, we can create a custom-built application to expand the functionality of your shop and fill a specific need.

The Shopify APP Store

  • The Shopify App Store highlights powerful services and plugins for your Shopify store.
  • 80K Shopify stores have at least one app installed.
  • 33K Shopify Apps are downloaded each month.
  • 230K people visit the Shopify App Store each month.
  • Shopify’s top stores often have custom apps created to fill their specific needs or use requirements.
  • Add as many apps as you would like to increase marketing capabilities, improve SEO, track sale trends and make your life easier. Apps can extend and help specialise the set-up of your shop and make it unique to suit your business’ needs. From suggesting product pairings, to creating a look book, to tracking user behavior and even A/B testing the shop itself.

Want to have your Shopify store online and in in-store? We Fix IT can help you set up your Shopify POS system and also help you get all the hardware you need.

Get in contact with us, we can work together to get your store up and running today!

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