Slow or no internet connection? Wireless network not working? Trouble with computer viruses? Don’t know what to plug and where to plug it?

Slow or no internet connection? Wireless network not working? Trouble with computer viruses? Don’t know what to plug and where to plug it? Computers can be immensely frustrating especially when you are working on something important, in the middle of a new computer game, or just the simple setting-it-up and getting-it-to-work process. Don’t fret!! At We Fix It, we will help you fix your computer problems by getting everything up and running at your convenience. We also fully support Apple Macs.

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Computer Repairs and Speed

Running into a whole bunch of pop-ups? Fluctuating file sizes? Slow processing speed? Crashing hard drive? These are some signs of virus attack. Here at We Fix It – we can solve your computer virus issues along with enhancing your computer speed.

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Recover Deleted Data

Losing important files, documents or pictures on your computer can be terrifying. Fortunately, at We Fix It – we provide data recovery services. You can trust us in recovering your lost data.

laptop screen replacement

Screen Replacements

Worried about broken laptop screen? Good News!! We can fix it!

laptop screen replacement

Security Audit

Scared to do online banking due to unsafe internet protection? Here at We Fix It we extend our services by giving our clients advises on the top rated antivirus and internet security solutions so you can get protected and can do online banking without hesitations.

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Data Transfer to a new PC

Have an old machine? Want to copy all of your data over and have a computer setup ready to roll? We can handle this for you.

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Setting up a new Windows Computer or MAC

Here at We Fix It our amazing and friendly technicians can set up your computers the way you want it to be. We can also help you in installing printers, connecting iphones or androids and other devices.

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Home Theatre Installations

We can arrange installation, setup and support for all of your home entertainment equipment. From wall mounting your TV to hooking up your surround sound system, we can sort out all your entertainment technology needs.

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Setup a wireless network

Need a modem setup? Our technicians can setup your internet connection and your wireless network securely.



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